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February 14, 2012
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Twitch. Twitch.


"Whoever is tickling my nose, stop. I'm trying to sleep," You groan. It was a bad idea to fall asleep on the couch in the Gray area. A very bad idea.

Twitch. Twitch.


Okay, the tickling sensation on your nose was really starting to bug you. Wait...bug...what if there was a giant bug on your nose? At that thought you panicked and immediately swatted your face.

Unfortunately, some idiots had decided to put whipped cream on your hand, and of course, it was now all over your face. Just great.

You sat up as you heard people laughing hysterically, a light frown appearing on your face as your eyes landed on Axel and Roxas. They were both crying with laughter.

"Guys, this is so....kind of you!" You exclaim, wiping some of the whipped cream off your face and popping it in your mouth, "Mmm-mmmm, I love me some whipped cream!"

Axel and Roxas just continued to laugh at you. The immature little buggers. You were definitely going to get them back for this, even though you weren't too bothered about the prank. You loved whipped cream, so it was sort of a plus that it was on your face. However, it was all down your front too, and that was not a plus.

"You guys do realise I'm going to have to get you back for this," You say, smiling mischievously at the two.

"Ha! No way! My mind is way too sharp to fall for one of your tricks! Got it memorized?" Axel smirked and sat down next to you, scooping some of the whipped cream of your organization coat and putting some in his mouth.

"Axel, your mind is about as sharp as a bowling ball,"

"Why thank-hey!" Axel stared at you indignantly, "I am very smart and you know it!"

"Nope," You grinned. Roxas came and sat down next to Axel, still chuckling weakly, "It wasn't that funny, Roxas,"

"Yeah, it would've been funnier if she was actually mad about it," Axel smirked.

"Hey guys!" You blushed lightly at the sound of Demyx's voice, "Woah! Whipped cream! Awesome!" And with that, he plopped down on your other side and swiped some whipped cream off your face with his finger, before placing it in his mouth, "I love me some whipped cream!"

"Ha! That's just what I said!" You giggled, leaning back on the couch, "Axel...Roxas? Shouldn't you be running? I said I was going to get you back,"

"But you like whipped cream! You're eating it off your face!" Axel exclaimed, his eyes widening slightly.

"Well, technically you guys are eating it...I only got one bit," You smile, "But I said I was still gonna get you guys back,"

"But why?" Axel asked, looking slightly worried now.

"'Cos I'm cool like that," You shrugged before turning to Axel, a large grin on your face, "Got it memorized!"

"Okay, ________, that is just going too far! Only I'm allowed to say that! Got it memorized?" Axel crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yeah, well, too bad," You grin at Demyx, who giggles and continues to swipe bits of whipped cream off your face, causing you to blush lightly.

You've had a crush on Demyx for a while now, ever since the time he accidently flooded Axel's room. Well, actually it wasn't an accident. Axel had dyed your hair green for a laugh, and of course you were pretty upset, and so Demyx had so kindly flooded Axel's room.

Axel and Roxas got to their feet and quickly exited the room. They were always scared when you pulled pranks on them, mostly because yours were usually painful, humiliating and bloody well funny!

"Sooo..." Demyx said awkwardly, "It's Valentine's Day,"

"Yeah..." You sighed dejectedly, "And as usual I'm single, and so I shall go to my room and eat chocolate!" You stood up and smiled at Demyx, "Bye Dem-Dem. The chocolates... they're calling my name!" It would be an understatement to say you loved chocolate. In fact, if you ever had the chance you would marry chocolate...but that would be you actually probably wouldn't.


A few hours later, there's a knock at your bedroom door, and sighing lightly, you place your half-eaten chocolates at the end of your bed and stand up, heading towards the door.
When you open it, you can't help but laugh.

Standing there is Roxas, but for once he isn't wearing his organization coat. No, instead he is wearing a heart costume, which consists of red tights, and a large, foamy heart with a hole for his head, two for his arms, and two for his legs. How he managed to get in it, you had no idea.

"Roxas? What the hell happened to you?"

"Well," Roxas started, "Demyx decided to help you get us back,"


That was when Axel came round the corner, dressed the exact same as Roxas, and sporting a rather annoyed expression, "By making us dress up as idiots that's how. He said it was to help him with a 'surprise' or something,"

You giggled as Axel tried to cross his arms, but failed due to the large heart he was wearing, "You guys look so funny,"

Roxas groaned, "Tell me something I don't know,"

"_______!" You glance up the corridor to see Demyx hurrying towards the three of you, "So, how'd you like the surprise?" He indicates to Axel and Roxas.

"I love it Dem-Dem, thank you," You pause, "But why make them dress as hearts?"

"For Valentine's day," Demyx blushed lightly, "I wanted to tell you something, but I wanted it to be special,"

You smirk at Axel and Roxas, "Well, this certainly is special,"

Demyx laughed before stepping closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist, "Happy Valentine's day, _______, I love you" He smiled shyly, before pressing his lips against yours gently, his fingers travelling up your back before running through your hair.

You smiled into the kiss, and placed your hands on his chest, blushing lightly as he placed his hands at the back of your neck and titled your head up slightly, deepening the kiss.

It was so cute and romantic...until Axel had to ruin it.

"Guys, I know you love each other and everything...but, do you think you could leave the make-out session till later, and not now? I mean its bad enough that me and Roxas have to dress in these outfits, we don't want to see you making out,"
Okay, so I got a few people asking for a Demyx lovers for Valentine's day! it is! I hope you like it! I had so much fun writing it! Especially the part about Axel and Roxas' outfits xD
I hope you like it!
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