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May 12, 2011
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Sora sighed as he sat there on a high tree branch, staring at the Paopu Fruit which now lay in his hand. Shaking his head Sora sighed again, as he put the Paopu Fruit back down and turned his gaze to the horizon ahead of him.
Ever since Riku had told Sora about the legend of the Paopu Fruit, Sora had been trying to pick up the courage to ask Kairi to share a Paopu Fruit with him, but each time he tried to he chickened out, afraid in case she would reject him.
"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what…" Sora muttered under his breath, remembering what Riku's exact words were when he'd told Sora about the legend of the Paopu Fruit.
"Hey! Sora!" A voice called out from the bottom of the tree and looking down Sora saw Kairi standing there, hands on her hips and a cheerful smile on her face.
"Hey Kairi, what's up?" Sora asked, as Kairi climbed up the tree and plopped herself down on the branch next to Sora, giving him another smile.
"Nothing I just wanted to see you," Kairi said, looking out at the horizon, not noticing the slight blush which had appeared on Sora's cheeks.
Sora fidgeted around slightly, his hands starting to sweat as he started to feel extremely nervous. Ever since he had gotten back to Destiny Islands Sora's feeling had grown for Kairi, and he found that whenever he was around her now he felt extremely nervous.
"Sora, have you heard about the legend of the Paopu Fruit?" Kairi asked randomly, as she turned to face Sora, brushing her dark red hair out of her face.
"About how if two people share one, their destinies become intertwined, and they'll remain part of each others lives no matter what?" Kairi continued, as she picked a Paopu Fruit from the tree they were sitting in. Sora turned to look at Kairi and nodded, staring at the yellow star shaped fruit in her hand.
"Yeah," He answered, glancing into Kairi's blue eyes before turning his gaze back to the Paopu fruit.
"Well, have you ever thought about sharing a Paopu Fruit with anyone?" Kairi questioned, staring at Sora intently, her eyes searching his.
Sora hesitated, wondering if he should tell her or not.
"Well…yeah…sort of," Sora answered, a light blush appearing on his cheeks again.
"So have I, Sora. Do you want to know who I want to share a Paopu Fruit with?" Kairi asked, a shy smile appearing on her face.
Sora nodded, and turned round to face her, a curious expression now plastered onto his face.
"Who?" He asked, interested now.
"You, Sora." Kairi answered, looking into Sora's blue eyes and blushing, as she set down the Paopu Fruit in between them.
"Really?" Sora asked in disbelief, his face lighting up as he stared at Kairi, his eyes sparkling with happiness as Kairi nodded and leaned towards him, pressing her lips against his.
Sora smiled as he kissed Kairi back, wrapping his arms around her waist as he felt her hands tangle in his brown hair.
"I love you Sora," Kairi whispered, before kissing him again.
"Love you too Kairi," Sora answered, his hands now resting on the low of Kairi's back.
"Promise me something Sora," Kairi said softly, as she pulled away. Sora smiled happily.
"Anything Kairi," He answered, holding her hands in his.
"Promise me we'll stay together no matter what," Kairi whispered. Sora smiled, blushing slightly, staring down at the Paopu Fruit which lay in between them.
"I promise Kairi…"
Okay so this was a request from :iconwhitewest: and she wanted me to do a Sora X Kairi FanFic :D
Okay so I know the ending is extremely cheesy, but I hope you guys dont mind :D Besides I think cheesy is cute :D
Anyways hope you guys like it :D
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