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For Demyx Lovers
Every girl hates that time of month. Especially you.
So, when it did hit that time of month, it was no surprise that you found yourself lying on the couch in the grey area, a hot water bottle pressed to your stomach, a cushy pillow perched beneath your head, and an extremely adorable yet oblivious boy who sat next to you with a goofy grin on his face.
This boy was Demyx, and he was currently annoying you to death. Usually you failed to get mad at him, due to the fact you were basically head over heels with the guy, but today, he seemed to be hitting your last nerve. That and the fact that your cramp seemed to be getting worse.
"______, help me play a prank on Axel!" Demyx urged, his grin growing wider, "It'll be fun! Besides, I still haven't got him back for what he did last time," Demyx shuddered.
"What happened last time?" You asked in a grumpy voice, even though on the inside you were highly curious.
"Dressed me up as a girl when I was asleep and took a picture," Demyx sighed heavil
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Axel x Xaras
Xaras' sighed as her multi-coloured eyes searched the room carelessly, a blank look on her face as she absent-mindedly twitched the black, furry ears that sat on top of her head, poking out between her hair. It would be an understatement to say she was bored right now.
Nearly everyone was out on a mission; the only Nobodies who had remained behind were Demyx, Xigbar and, much to Xaras' utter dismay, Marluxia, the pink haired nuisance who'd taken a great liking to teasing her constantly about her cat ears.
Biting her lip in a bored manner, Xaras slowly got to her feet, deciding that she may as well find something to do to pass time. There was no point in just sitting around whilst moodily staring at walls and floors; she might as well find something fun to do.
As she slowly trudged down the halls of the Castle That Never Was, her mind turned to a certain red-head.
Xaras had taken a sort of liking to Axel, especially since after the last time Marluxia had teased on her, Axel had 'a
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For Zexion Lovers
This was probably one of your stupidest ideas yet. You knew that. But you didn't care. You just wanted to have as much fun as possible.
And your method of having as much fun as possible?
Why, it was playing pranks on Marluxia, or as you liked to call him, Flower Puff!
A small giggle escaped your mouth as you shook the can of whipped cream in your hand, trying to remain as quiet as possible. You didn't want good ol' Marluxia to wake up now. After all, you were about to show him that falling asleep in the Grey Area was a bad idea. A very bad idea indeed. Especially when you were around.
The mischievous smirk on your face grew wider as you crept round the sofa so you were now standing directly above Marluxia's head, and carefully, you aimed the can of whipped cream at Marluxia's right hand, which lay with its palm facing upwards. Perfect.
Grinning, you sprayed a large portion of whipped cream onto his hand, before taking a small step back. No doubt that Marluxia would probably try kill yo
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For Vincent Valentine Lovers - Valentine's Day
The sun shines down on you from way up above, causing your hair to shine, and your skin to glow slightly under the warm rays. A light breeze flutters by, gently flicking some loose strands of hair to fall in front of your face. To say that today was a beautiful day would be an understatement.
Today was Valentine's Day, and as usual, you were single. You didn't mind too much though...okay, so maybe you did mind, but you were perfectly happy to just pretend you didn't care.
Right now you were sitting on the edge of a cliff which overlooked a long, empty beach. It was very relaxing in your opinion, and the sound of the waves gently cascading down the sand relaxed you even more. It was almost perfect, but there was one thing that could have made it better.
Vincent Valentine. Super hot guy/ your long time crush.
Recently he'd been showing a few signs that he was interested in you, and you'd been hoping that maybe he'd spend Valentine's Day with you. However, much to your disappointment you
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For Demyx Lovers - Valentine's Day Special
Twitch. Twitch.
"Whoever is tickling my nose, stop. I'm trying to sleep," You groan. It was a bad idea to fall asleep on the couch in the Gray area. A very bad idea.
Twitch. Twitch.
Okay, the tickling sensation on your nose was really starting to bug you. Wait...bug...what if there was a giant bug on your nose? At that thought you panicked and immediately swatted your face.
Unfortunately, some idiots had decided to put whipped cream on your hand, and of course, it was now all over your face. Just great.
You sat up as you heard people laughing hysterically, a light frown appearing on your face as your eyes landed on Axel and Roxas. They were both crying with laughter.
"Guys, this is so....kind of you!" You exclaim, wiping some of the whipped cream off your face and popping it in your mouth, "Mmm-mmmm, I love me some whipped cream!"
Axel and Roxas just continued to laugh at you. The immature little buggers. You were definitely going to get them back for this, even
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For Marluxia Lovers - 2011
You smile to yourself in a peaceful manner as you hug your warm, thick blanket closer to your body. You'd just woken up a few minutes ago, but as usual you couldn't be bothered to actually get out of bed, so instead you decided to just stay in bed and rest your eyes. And by resting your eyes you meant falling back asleep.
You sighed, squirming deeper into the duvet, wiggling your toes happily. You felt so at peace. Well, you did. Until somehow had to ruin it.
"Why hello there, beautiful," You recognized that voice instantly.
"Hey Marluxia," You breathed, still half asleep, not really paying attention
You smiled, closing your eyes, before opening them again.
"Wait! Marluxia!?" You shot up, toppling out of your bed in shock as you spotted Marluxia lying on top of the bed sheets, his arms linked behind his head as he smirked flirtatiously at you.
"You okay there, gorgeous?" He asked raising his eyebrows as you sat up from the floor, blowing your hair out of your face grumpily, rest
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For Draco Malfoy Lovers - 2011
________ Means your first name
~~~~~~ Means your last name
As you headed towards your potions class, you couldn't help but feel really gloomy. You hated potions, as Professor Snape absolutely loathed you, and always tried to find random excuses to give you a detention. Also you had to sit next to…it. Yes, that's right it. Draco Malfoy, the meanest boy you had ever met. The weird thing was even though he bullied you, you sort of had a crush on him, crazy right?
There was just something about him that made you melt inside whenever you say him. Maybe it was the way his cold, grey eyes bored into yours. Or maybe it was the cute smirk he wore on his face. Who knows?
"Hey _________," Ron greeted as you reached the potions class.
Everyone was standing outside the classroom door, shivering slightly as they waited for Professor Snape to usher them all inside.
"Hey Ron," You replied, flashing a grin and waving at Harry and Hermione, who
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For Sephiroth Lovers - 2011
A wide, mischievous grin appears on you're face as you sprint down one of the empty hallways of the Shin-Ra building, letting out a small giggle as you hear Genesis running after you, yelling at the top of his voice. You'd, yet again, stolen his copy of Loveless, and to annoy him even more, told him that you were going to flush it down the toilet, which resulted in him angrily chasing you around the whole building.
"__________, give me my book back, for God's sake!" Genesis shouted furiously, and as you looked over your shoulder you saw that he looked absolutely livid, in fact, you were surprised there wasn't steam coming out of his ears.
You giggled, looking ahead again as you sped around a corner, heading towards the elevators that were just at the end of the corridor. You could here Genesis' footsteps getting quieter, and glancing over your shoulder you saw that he was slowing down now, his face bright red from exhaustion.
As you skidded inside the lift, you pressed all the b
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For Genesis Rhapsodos Lovers- Request - 2011
As you walk down one of the many corridors in the Shin-Ra building, a smile appears on your face as you spot the auburn coloured hair that belongs to Genesis Rhapsodos.
You'd had a crush on him for a while now, ever since the two of you had first become friends, but you knew that he didn't feel the same way. All he ever seemed interested in was reading Loveless, whenever you saw him he always had his nose buried in that book.
As you approached Genesis, you saw he was talking to one of your other best friends, Angeal. You grinned at Angeal who had spotted you, and held a finger up to your lips, silencing him, as you crept up to Genesis until you were right behind him. As usual he had Loveless in his hand.
"Yoink!" You exclaimed, snatching the book out of Genesis' hands. Genesis sighed and turned round to face you, an amused look on his face.
"Hello _________," He sighed, trying to reach for his book, but failing as you hid it behind you back, grinning up at him.
"Hey, Gen-Gen," You repl
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For Squall Lovers - Contest Entry - 2011
Sighing you glare at the TV, stretching out on the sofa, groaning slightly as you do so. It was a nice, sunny day, clear sky, soft breeze……and you were stuck inside the house because all of your friends had went out for the day. Well, all of your friends apart from Zack Fair and Squall Leonhart.
Just then there's a knock on the front door, and heaving yourself up of the sofa you go to answer it, to find Zack and Squall standing outside. Zack has his usual cheerful grin on his face, and Squall just looks emotionless as usual.
You blush as your eyes meet Squall's for a moment, you've had a crush on Squall since the first time you met him. You though he was cute, friendly and sweet, even though he usually just tried to hide his emotions.
"Hey ______! Wanna hang out with us for a while?" Zack asked, almost bouncing on the spot in eagerness. You raise your eyebrows at him and smile.
"Yeah, thank God you asked, I was bored to death from sitting in the house!" You exclaim stepping o
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For Ienzo Lovers - 2011
A/N: Okay so I know Ienzo is only a kid, well I think he is, anyways yeah so in this he's gonna be a few months older than you…anyways enjoy
As you sit there staring intently at the wall you let out a quiet sigh before sitting back in your chair heavily as you continue to stare at the wall.
At the minute you're sitting in the lab with Ienzo and Even, and you are bored to death. You've been sitting in here all morning just sitting in on your chair, spinning around on it aimlessly as Ienzo and Even continued to work on……well, whatever it is that they were working on. Both of them haven't said at word to you, which makes you feel even more bored than you already are.
You let out yet another sigh, glaring at Ienzo and Even who have their backs to you.
"I'm bored! Guys, how much longer to I have to just sit here?" You ask, frustrated with the fact that they both seem to be ignoring you.
"Well, find something to keep you entertained for a while, _____. We're a bit too
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Axel X Tifa
As Axel sat on top of the station, staring at the glowing sunset, he couldn't help but think about her. The girl who he'd suddenly found himself in love with. He'd came to the roof of the station to try and clear his mind, to make himself forget about her for just a few minutes, but looking at the sunset just reminded him how every time the sun caught her hair, it would send gold shimmers of light running down the dark strands.
He sighed, scratching the back of his head. He had no idea how he had suddenly fallen in love with her, it had just happened. Usually if Axel liked a girl he would have just went and told them, but there was something intimidating about this girl that stopped him from doing so. Plus she seemed to like someone else; she seemed to like that blonde haired guy, Cloud.
Tifa Lockhart.
Her name ran through Axels mind over and over again as he ran his hand through his spiky red hair nervously, his eyes sparkling at the thought of her.
Again Axel sighed, staring back out
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Sora X Kairi
Sora sighed as he sat there on a high tree branch, staring at the Paopu Fruit which now lay in his hand. Shaking his head Sora sighed again, as he put the Paopu Fruit back down and turned his gaze to the horizon ahead of him.
Ever since Riku had told Sora about the legend of the Paopu Fruit, Sora had been trying to pick up the courage to ask Kairi to share a Paopu Fruit with him, but each time he tried to he chickened out, afraid in case she would reject him.
"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what…" Sora muttered under his breath, remembering what Riku's exact words were when he'd told Sora about the legend of the Paopu Fruit.
"Hey! Sora!" A voice called out from the bottom of the tree and looking down Sora saw Kairi standing there, hands on her hips and a cheerful smile on her face.
"Hey Kairi, what's up?" Sora asked, as Kairi climbed up the tree and plopped herself down on the branch next to Sora,
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Zemyx One-Shot
Zexion opened his eyes groggily, and groaning loudly he sat up properly in his chair, his eyes searching the room as he yawned, stretching his arms up towards the ceiling. He'd fallen asleep in his library again whilst doing research. He didn't know why but for some reason recently he hadn't been able to concentrate on his research, instead he'd found himself thinking about number IX, Demyx.
Zexion had recently been feeling strange whenever he was around Demyx, and it made him curious as he'd never felt that feeling before, in fact, Zexion had thought that since he was a Nobody, he couldn't feel, but he had realised that he'd been wrong.
Sighing he stood up and looked out of the window which his desk was sitting in front of, and saw that it was now night. He sighed again, turning to face a clock that was hanging on the library wall, and it now read 1:35AM.
Yawning, Zexion gathered his books from his desk and headed out the library, deciding to head to his room for the night as he was f
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Sam X Anna
As Anna Rae walked through the main entrance of her school she couldn't help but roll her eyes. It was Valentines Day today, and someone had decorated the halls with pink banners hanging from the ceiling and posters that were stuck to peoples lockers.
It's not that Anna had a problem with Valentines Day or anything like that, it was just it was never anything special to her. To Anna, every Valentines Day was the same; it was just like any other day to her. She had never received a Valentines card or present before, she had dated before; its just they never lasted long, so Anna always found herself single on Valentines Day.
She'd always wondered what it felt like to be given a Valentines card or present, but she'd never found out.
Anna sighed as she reached her locker, raising her eyebrows as she saw one of the pink Valentines posters stuck on the front of her locker.
"Hey, Anna," A voice said, and turning round Anna saw one of her best friends, Mercedes, standing next to her, a smile o
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Cloud X Tifa
Tifa sighed, as she sat behind the bar, resting her chin on the palm of her hand. She was worried about her friend Cloud; ever since he had come back he had seemed so sad, so distant. She knew what had happened with Sephiroth and Zack and Aerith, but she didn't see why Cloud blamed himself for everything. She hadn't expected him to act like this.
As Marlene skipped into the room cheerfully, with Denzel following her, Tifa fixed a smile on her face.
"Hey Tifa!" Marlene greeted, holding a bunch of flowers in her hand as she gave Tifa a quick hug.
"Hey Marlene," Tifa replied, smiling down at the little girl, glancing at the flowers that she clutched in her little hand.
"Where'd you get the flowers from?" Tifa asked Marlene, as she flashed Denzel a cheerful grin.
"Oh, I've been down the broken down church," Marlene said, smiling happily. Tifa leaned down so that her face was now level with Marlene's.
"Here," Marlene said, pulling a pink flower from the rest and fixing it in Tifa's long hai
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Hey everyone,
So, I know I haven't really be very active on here for a long time, but I've decided to move accounts ^^ I'm not gonna be active on this account anymore, but I'm not gonna delete it either, just incase anyone still wants to read my stuff. If you want you can follow me on my new account which is VanillaDaisies! I'm still doing 'For Lovers' stuff btw :') Also if you want to stay in touch I have a Tumblr, which is Vanilla--Daydream 

Anyways, that's all I've got to say really :') Bye guys <3

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